ATHENA is the female version of the male ZEUS gloves, retaining all the same technical characteristics while adding to their features, the exclusive shape determined by the specifically reformulated “female” design. Just like their male counterparts, the ATHENA gloves have an abundance of 3D mesh on the index and middle fingers facilitating transpiration and reducing fatigue. The materials used in construction have been revised and the colour variants used are considered to be more suited to a female audience. Equipped with rigid protection on the knuckles and EVA on the fingers, adjustable straps and a reflective finish for increased visibility, a useful feature when riding at night. These gloves are approved according to the European normative standard EN 13594: 2015.

Outer Shell: 65% microfiber 10% PU 10% polyester 5% nylon 5% mesh 5% neoprene
Lining: 100% polyester

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