Gloves ORION - HGW221M

The streets are calling to you, and you know just how to reply: a true explorer never stands still. ORION winter gloves guarantee maximum protection from the cold of winter and become part of you, like a second skin.
ORION is a technical glove with a sporty fit and rugged spirit, which protects your hands from the cold and extreme weather. The gloves are versatile and suitable for all situations where you might want to wear them, from weekend trips to longer, more adventurous journeys, setting a steady pace towards the infinite horizon.
Rain and frost find their way barred by the waterproof membrane and the adjustable strap fastening at the wrist, as well as the comfortable integrated wristband made from knitted polyester.. The special transverse elastic band, on the other hand, ensures maximum comfort on the phalanges, even under tension, and gives a sporty touch to the look.

PLUS: touch compatibility on the index finger, elasticated gussets, reflective inserts, knitted polyester wristband for a better fit. The glove is certified in accordance with European standard EN 13594:2015 and classified as level 1.

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